‘Escape the Room’ Game Comes to Wineries, Locking Visitors Away in Cellar\'Escape the Room\' Game Comes to Wineries, Locking Visitors Away in Cellar

“Wild West.” “Zombie attack.” “Pirate adventure.” “Overslept.” If you’re like Unfiltered, you’ve played all these themes of the super-popular “escape room” game phenomenon, in which players use their wits and skills to solve a series of puzzles, to escape the room before the clock runs out. But have you played “escape the chai“?

From Boreal Berry Farm Winery in Ontario, Canada, to Ridgewood Winery in Pennsylvania all the way over to Pierre et Bertrand Couly in the Loire Valley’s Chinon region, wineries have been repurposing their vat rooms and event spaces as prisons from which visitors must solve riddles and unlock clues to find a way out—with, of course, a celebration or consolation pour waiting on the outside.

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