Turkey Pozole Rojo

If you aren’t familiar with pozole allow me to introduce you. This traditional soup is made with a hearty and savory broth, hominy, meat (turkey in this case) and tomatoes, and is then topped with a seasoned cabbage. It’s most commonly made for celebrations which is another reason it’s the perfect way to end a week of gathering with the ones you love. The best part about this version is that you can just toss everything in a pot, simmer and serve.

IMG 7626 ba740feb132926901f5efa7bc2de7ad0 - Turkey Pozole Rojo

The fact that it’s tasty and bursting with flavor make this dish something you’ll crave, but its simplicity is what sells me. Isn’t that what we all want and need after a week of slaving over our stoves? I encourage you to think outside the box (or the roll and mashed potatoes in this case) when it comes to your turkey leftovers and spice things up with this pozole. You won’t be sorry.

IMG 7622 ceca3cb09c62e9d9afc92b9f2a3203b6 - Turkey Pozole Rojo

Read more and recipe at themodernproper.com

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