Wednesday, June 19, 2019
How to Refresh Your Wine Program with Ribera del Duero and Rueda Wines | Seventy Fifty Daily Top restaurant and retail accounts are finding new success with Spain’s most popular wines #Drink #Wine Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper

Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails – the Spookiest Sips in the City | The Cocktail Lovers To paraphrase that famous Mean Girls quote: “In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Cocktail World, Halloween is the one time a year when a bartender can come up with creepy, macabre and OTT drinks and no other bartenders can say anything about it.” #Drink #Cocktail #Holloween Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper

Thanksgiving wines

Wine Guy: Thanksgiving wines | The Province As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, no doubt many of us face the same task, selecting a wine (or wines) to serve with Thanksgiving dinner. #Drink #Wine #thanksgiving Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
Dark Matter Storm Cocktail | BartenderHQ The Dark Matter Storm is a twist of the classic Dark’n’Stormy using the unique flavour of Dark Matter rum. Dark Matter is a dark spiced rum produced in Scotland with a completely different flavour profile to most. #Drink #Cocktail #Rum Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper


TEQUILA CAZADORES TEAMS UP WITH MISTER CARTOON | Intoxicolog Limited edition bottle collecting is pretty popular these days. And just in time for the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, Cazadores tequila is releasing a limited edition bottle in collaboration with legendary Mexican American artist Mister Cartoon. #Drink #Tequila Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
Irish Distillers unveils Green Spot Chateau Montelena | Great Drams Irish Distillers today proudly unveils Green Spot Chateau Montelena, the first Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey to be finished in French oak Zinfandel wine casks. #Drink #Whisky
Two Scotch brands to return to production as whisky sales soar Diageo, the world's largest spirits company, has announced it is reopening two "lost" distilleries that have been closed for 34 years... #Drink #Whisky #Scotch Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
Pumpkin Keg Bourbon-Apple Punch If pumpkin season is your favorite season, you'll love this super-fun party drink. Boozy apple cider-bourbon punch, served right from a pumpkin (!) is the exact refreshment you'll want at any fall celebration. ... #Drink #Pumpkin #Bourbon #ApplePunch #Video Watch video at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
Want The Perfect Rum? Do Like These Bars And Blend Your Own | "For bars that are serious about rum, a flagon is the thing. Detroit’s Bad Luck Bar, with its 70-bottle-strong rum collection, has one of these large, porous stoneware vessels once used by the British Navy to store and transport rum." #Drink #Rum #Bar #Detroit #NY #NewYork Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
Mussels in Red Chili, Tomato & Coconut Broth - Wine Enthusiast "This recipe, a combination of red curry paste mixed with tomato and coconut broth, will give your next bowl of mussels an exciting twist." #Drink #Wine #Pairing #Mussels #Broth Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper

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