Wednesday, June 19, 2019

2018’s Food Trends

According to Whole Foods, all of the trendy green foods you've grown to love in the last year will be dethroned in 2018. Earlier this month, the grocery chain released its predictions for the top 10 food and drink trends of next year—and with avocados nowhere on the list, millennials might finally be able to start buying houses. | Bon Appetit #Food #Trends #2018 #floral flavors Read more at YummyEveryday | Daily Paper
“I made this Glowing Green Spirulina Smoothie earlier this week with no intention of taking pictures. When I blended the ingredients (without measuring the ingredients of course), I discovered this beautiful mermaid color! I knew I had to share it with you guys!” - unsweetened Caroline #healthy #smoothie #spirulina Read more at Yummyeveryday | Daily Paper
Rotisserie Chicken Salad with Charred Scallion Dressing "Scallions are one of the few salad-y ingredients that manage to keep their appeal 12 months out of the year. They’re always in the grocery store, and I try to keep a bunch or two in my fridge." #Food #Recipe #Chicken #Salad #Scallion Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
25 Best Foods For Your Skin | Prevention How to get a radiant glow, banish wrinkles, and keep skin supple and soft—one bite at a time? #Food #Health #Skin
WE MADE SPICY BRUSSELS SPROUT CHIPS + CAN'T STOP EATING THEM | The Chalkboard - Kale is king in the veggie chip world. We’d never intentionally disrespect its right to the throne, but our recipe for spicy dehydrated Brussels sprout chips could be worth a coup. #Food #Healthy #Vagan #BrusselsSprout (Read more at) Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies -- 1 For Each Day Of The Week #health #juice | Check "Yummy Everyday: Daily Paper"
Back to work. I can’t believe my maternity leave is over. It just flew by and now I want to cry my eyes out at even just the thought of leaving my sweet baby girl. I know we will...
We asked Alison Carroll how she stocks her desert home in Joshua Tree. Two years ago, my husband and I made a big decision: We packed out of our wood-shingled Silverlake house and headed to the high desert of Joshua...

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